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You thought Disclosure were the biggest thing to happen to dance in a long while, these guys will make you think again…

SUBBA-CULTCHA.COM SAYS: “In this new, post-Disclosure world the possibilities of dance and pop being taken into unknown territories and finding fame on a massive scale isn’t as inconceivable as it had once seemed. It feels like there’s a whole new world out there for people to discover, the indie clones have swallowed The Streets and masses of D n B flavoured music over the past few years and now anything seems possible. It’s perfect timing for a band like Years & Years to come about, their sensuous use of deep bass lines and fader-ed/phasered synths create a stunning aural bombardment that many will find hard to resist. Throw on top of that the sort of delicious hooks that are equally tender and crestfallen and a voice that drives straight to the emotional heart of the song, and the bookies should close up shop on these guys, they will be huge! There’s flashes of Friendly Fires, Hudson Mohawke and even Jermaine Stewart’s pop dynamism. Get on board now, they’re going to be huge! Sample the video for yourself below, and keep an eye out for our forthcoming interview!”
yearsnyears London electronic pop trio Years & Years are pleased to reveal the video for their new single, ‘Real’, which features rising British actors Ben Wishaw and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett. The band will also be headlining Hackney’s Oslo on March 5. The clip, with its mysterious, smoke-laced atmosphere and surrealist, Lynchian imagery, recalls Twin Peaks at its enticing best. It’s also rich in physicality, with the previously mentioned actors – alongside an assortment of other players – throwing all sorts of aggressive shapes to the band’s euphoric, slow-grooving sounds. In short, it’s perfect for those dance floor take-downs. Or, as frontman Olly Alexander puts it: "The song is about me feeling judged by someone so I thought it might be a cool idea to flip that feeling and be the one judging others. I did a play with Ben Whishaw and we used to do warm-ups every night on the stage and he's such a brilliant dancer, like an electric eel or something. The track has a big dance element and I wanted to see people dancing the way that Ben does, in a way that is almost out of control, like they've been hypnotised or something. We wanted to create a kind of eerie, Twin Peaks, surrealist environment." ‘Real’ is released by Kitsuné on 17th February along with b-side ‘Eyes Shut’. And a headline show on 5th March at Hackney's Oslo.  


  • Love Years & Years! So happy I got to see them twice last year and meet the lovely boys!