REVIEW album Javiere Inniss Life Beyond Everything

Singer-Songwriter Javiere Inniss Delivers Captivating Debut Album ‘Life Beyond Everything’

Life Beyond Everything

Javiere Inniss

Singer-songwriter Javiere Inniss releases his debut album ‘Life Beyond Everything’ along with lead single single ‘Alone’, a melancholic alternative ballad track that draws upon Javiere’s own experiences.

A deeply personal track, Javiere Inniss created ‘Alone’ to reflect on his past, the track centres around the idea of having plenty of people around you but never quite fitting in, eventually retreating into yourself and not making an effort to reach out and meet new people. The track warns of the dangers self-isolation can bring and how it can take a toll both mentally and socially. Backed by sombre harmonies and gentle piano lines and string arrangements that frame Javiere’s deep, brooding vocal performance.

The track is the lead single off Javiere Inniss’s debut album ‘Life Beyond Everything’.

The album offers listeners a diverse soundscape ranging from the folk-rock opener of 'The Spider', the acoustic guitar-led serenades of tracks like 'Wonder' and belting acoustic rock tracks like 'Down' which was another single off the album.

'Down' saw Javiere open up about his experiences with depression and anxiety. An issue that’s still quite stigmatised, ‘Down’ looks to relate to audiences that are going through similar struggles and show that there is light ahead.

Overall the 11-track album sees Javiere bare all through his songwriting as he takes you on a journey through his thoughts, feelings and hopes for the future.