REVIEW album AJ Whyte Back To The Water (Single)

AJ Whyte Returns With 'Back To The Water'

Back To The Water (Single)

AJ Whyte

Once again, AJ Whyte has exceeded my expectations by releasing a song with me clinging to it like chewy gum on the bottom of a shoe. This week, I have been unable to get enough of the new release by the singer-songwriter from Rutland, United Kingdom; it is a breath of fresh air!

His newest track to be released, which goes by the name 'Back To The Water', is a song about seeking a haven in a dangerous world! AJ puts himself in the position of a young man searching for a secure location where he can escape the chaos and feel safe. The narrative is one of the most arresting aspects of the work, yet, I cannot deny the potency of the music, which sees AJ bringing in a wide variety of new instruments and sounds that were not included in his past works.

The beginning of 'Back To The Water' gets off to a strong start with a guitar riff strumming a route forward, and a bass riff also joins the ride at this point. The song progresses with conviction, and a drum rhythm soon appears, generating an infectious movement that pushes my feet into a tap-happy frenzy. It almost seems as though the young man in the story has found his place in the world, which contributes to the positive vibe that is evident here.

'Back To The Water' has two versions. One is a studio recording, and the other is a live performance from the studio!