REVIEW album Crossing Belt Intoxicated (Single)

Intoxicated - Crossing Belt

Intoxicated (Single)

Crossing Belt

Personally I think it’s difficult today to understand the evolution of the alt-rock scene, with many bands with a different approach in terms of rock. This is not a negative point, but for sure a sort of complication for who attempts to describe each scenario.

Crossing Belt are the perfect example of what has been said so far, a classic project influenced by Nickelback and Alter Bridge but with a good taste in terms of melody and songwriting. Their new single “Intoxicated” was recorded at Heavy Tones Recordings in Turin (Italy) by Jaxon (frontman of Jax Diaries and previously Cry Excess), a track that show us the potential of this act, with their classic rock approach (includes guitar solos and melodies) strengthened by the experience of their producer in terms of heavy/metal stuff.

Not a classic radio hit, but for sure a good example to describe the word alt-rock in 2023.