REVIEW album Ervin Munir Carolynn (Single)

Ervin Munir Releases 'Carolynn'

Carolynn (Single)

Ervin Munir

Ervin Munir, who is also known simply as Ervin within the industry, has made an impressive return with his new single 'Carolynn'. The songwriter, lyricist, and performer from North Norfolk in the United Kingdom sings affectionately while reflecting on his time with sweetheart, 'Carolynn'.

Munir demonstrates why he is regarded so highly in the folk scene, and also, his ability to weave in and out of the country genre will bring him a new line of admirers. Ervin is also a member of the group Cutting the Mustard and an active member of the music scene on the east coast.

'Carolynn' depicts the gut-wrenching emotions that come with experiencing a loss. The lyrics convey a sense of yearning on the part of Ervin, who expresses the desire to do whatever to spend more time with his "Sweetest Lady." There are also references to depression inside the contemplation, with Ervin speaking from the perspective of being the partner of someone suffering from depression. In addition, there are instances when Ervin thinks about how he was unaware of the sadness that his partner was experiencing, particularly when they were talking on the phone. It is a common scenario, with sadness often being locked away.

Musically, there is a lot to enjoy about this track. The lovely tones of the guitar float through the air while the shaker jangles away in the background. Also, several country guitar licks reach out to us too, which adds to the overall brilliance of the new song.