REVIEW album Yves Paquet A Decent Man

Yves Paquet: More Than A Decent Man

A Decent Man

Yves Paquet

Yves Paquet has just released his sophomore album A Decent Man, alongside a new single sharing the same title for which a music video has been unveiled.

The lead track A Decent Man shines like a delicious pop sunray in Yves’ folk sky, with relatable lyrics about aspiring to a more simple life that will touch your heart, and an uplifting melody that will leave you humming the chorus all day.

Closing the album on a high note, the track opens on a few hopeful guitar chords quickly followed by Yves’ comforting warm voice in which strings and background vocals rejoice in all the right places.

The rest of the album doesn’t disappoint either with Yves Paquet singing about the changes in nature and society in a tale-like manner, confirming his well-deserved status of wordsmith. A Decent Man was in fact inspired by old legends and stories from his childhood, marked by numerous trips in Ireland (where he shot the Decent Man music video!), Brittany and the United Kingdom.

A few personal favorites are the opening track Dead Rabbits and its mesmerizingly haunting pre-chorus, the folkloric Heart of Giants inspired by the Irish legend of Giant’s Causeway, the heartbreaking ballad Whole seeing Yves longing for a love that is already gone and the gorgeous acoustic song The Ground which will feel right at home after Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car in my playlist.

So if Yves Paquet’s single A Decent Man is a must-listen, his album is definitely a journey you also need to embark on, in the intended tracklist order for the ultimate experience.