REVIEW album Lemzi Outliers - A Creative Project by Lemzi

More Than Music: Lemzi’s New Creative Project

Outliers - A Creative Project by Lemzi


If you’re on the search of a London-based artist to inspire you, look no further, as Lemzi is who you’ve been looking for! Taking influence from R&B, hip-hop, and garage, an authentic approach is embodied throughout ‘Outliers – A Creative Project by Lemzi’, which dives into feelings of fragility, freedom, and joy.

As well as his vast musical talents, this project also includes conversations and narratives which offer an invaluable sense of depth to the tracks. Divided into three chapters, The Creative Project (CP) is reflective of a multi-faceted emotional journey, touching firstly on Lemzi’s low-points and personal mental state, followed by a celebration of freedom, and the highly emotive subject of grief, inspired by his personal experiences in recent times.

This project is more than an album or EP but is exactly what its title states: ‘A Creative Project’. For listeners who are seeking a well-rounded listening experience with vast depth, Lemzi will swiftly become your new favourite artist!