REVIEW album LLUCID Higher Energy (Single)

LLUCID teases upcoming album with "Higher Energy"

Higher Energy (Single)


LLUCIDĀ breaks the rules in new single "Higher Energy" and teases his upcoming album Deep Blue Dreams.

The German singer & rapper has been taking over the music industry these past few years with every new release, building anticipation around the long-awaited release of his debut album Deep Blue Dreams.

In his new track, the 26-year-old prodigy delivers a unique performance by ignoring the stereotypes in the hip-hop genre. He does so by transitioning from vitriolic nasal rap to choirs of proper crooning. Deeply influenced by American music, LLUCID does not fail to add his personal touch to his music, making it inimitable and fresh.

With his bold use of honest lyricism and a fearless approach to bending the rules of genre, LLUCID is a rising artist to watch.