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Mile High Club


I'm happy to write about a release that has been for me the best album release of 2023 so far. I may be biased due to the artist's influences including Daft Punk whom I literally worship, but I am sure others will agree with me.

Namor (Roman Shokuri) is a producer and singer-songwriter hailing from California. 2023 marks the release of his debut album Mile High Club and allows him to make a name for himself in the electronic/synth scene. After producing tracks for others for some time, he decided it was time for him to fully express himself by creating electrifying tracks for himself. Namor has created his own Pop/R&B style with electronic elements, drawing inspiration from artists such as Giorgio Moroder, Mike Dean, and Daft Punk.

While the artist did all the production and songwriting on his debut album, he invited different artists to collaborate with him on the vocals including Tucker Starbuck, LifeonMarzz, Lea Fromm, and Calypso Carbon from the group “House Of Carbon”.

The album narrates the tale of a youthful man and woman who come across each other while inside a futuristic elite club situated either in the sky, which goes by the name of The Mile High Club. The different voices present on the album are all portraying the same two characters, where the male vocalists depict the male character and the female voices represent the female character. Initially, the album exudes a vibrant and lively vibe, but as it progresses, it transitions into more sorrowful and gloomy tones during the latter half. This makes it perfect for everyone to pick a favorite track, as Namor plays with different genres - my personal favorite song being "The Mood".

The following track definitely got me in "the mood" to listen to more music from Namor: