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Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

An explosive slice of Brainiac-influenced noise from Canada that demands your attention...

SUBBA-CULTCHA.COM SAYS: "Very rarely does a track grab you by throat and pull you directly into their disjointed, noisy and exciting world with a few seconds of it starting, but Canada's Odonis Odonis have mastered this with the sublimely devious 'Order In The Court.' Taking the punked-up and demented synth-rock of Brainiac and forcing it under the skin of the Locust (at a less intense pace), like a serial killer stacking his prey into a real-life Russian Doll scenario, the band have created a sound for themselves that could strip paint at a thousand paces. It's just so loud, so aggressive, so forcefully nihilistic that it takes no prisoners, it does not apologise for it's very existence and in the process it creates something so urgent, it's hard not to get excited by it. The press release talks about many Industrial influences, but I feel it has more in common with the early to mid-90's alt-rock scene, just amped up a thousand fold. There's something about a band who epitomise the 'don't give a f**k' mentality with their music, you feel you can trust them, they won't pander to the press, they won't try to please their audience, but what they will create is something honest that you can base your whole ideology around, and with tunes that are like the aural equivalent of a donkey punch... Along with Ireland's Girl Band, rock music is about to get very interesting again! Check out their latest video at the bottom of this article!"
odonis Toronto's Odonis Odonis are not the sort of band that can be easily pigeonholed. Their forthcoming album Hard Boiled Soft Boiled (out April 14 on Buzz Records) is split in two distinct halves - the first contains their unique brand of industrial noise rock, the second showcases their dreamier, more melodic side. Their newest outing, ‘Order in the Court’, shows the band at their most abrasive. Marked by walls of screeching guitar noise, blown out drums and commanding vocals, it brings to mind early Ministry and Skinny Puppy. The track’s accompany video (directed by Lee Stringle) brings to life the paintings of Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch. The artist's vibrant imagery becomes sinister and foreboding when juxtaposed against the song's frenetic tone. Imagine what the middle ages might have looked like had LSD been invented 500 years earlier and you wouldn’t be far off the money. The band have also just announced a string of EU dates, including a date with Yamantaka Sonic Titan: May 25 - Brighton, UK - The Hope / May 26 - Manchester, UK - Soup Kitchen / May 27 - London, UK - Birthdays