REVIEW album Electric Sufi Breathe in Life

Electric Sufi Address Climate Change With ‘Breathe In Life’

Breathe in Life

Electric Sufi

With the intention of drawing attention to the ongoing climate crises, Electric Sufi have released their debut album ‘Breathe in Life’, confronting these issues face-on, whilst maintaining atmospheric and serene soundscapes.

This uplifting approach to a serious subject matter is emboldened by the masterful instrumentation of traditional Asian instruments, alongside elements of electronica. Each song also boasts a vast range of multi-cultural influences, all of which contribute to the global appeal of this World Music. The exceeds the purely musical elements of each track, where elements such as medieval Christian chants, originating over 8 centuries ago, and Sufi poetry are used as points of reference and inspiration.

With the three members of Electric Sufi coming from three entirely different cultures and walks of life, a huge musical versatility lies at the forefront of the album, where each track represents a global outlook on the climate crises, resulting in a voice of unity. The astounding vocals of Sarah Yaseen, who specialises in Sufi music, perfectly complement the multi-instrumental talents of Mina Salam, and Rupert Till, who produces synthesized music with a distinctive electronic flair. The overall result is a seamless collaboration between undeniable musical talents.

Listeners are certain to be touched by both the messages and the mesmerizing sounds of this album, which are unlike anything we’ve heard before. This album will certainly make its mark, no matter where it’s been listened to – reflecting the universal, unifying nature of Electric Sufi’s work.