REVIEW album Gary Mictian I Die Every Night (Single)

Gary Mictian Releases New Single 'I Die Every Night'

I Die Every Night (Single)

Gary Mictian

'I Die Every Night' is the new release from London-based producer and songwriter Gary Mictian. He is an artist rapidly progressing in the scene, leaving me in a state of hypnotic enchantment.

It is one of those tracks you can imagine sounding amazing on the dancefloor, and it is out now for all to enjoy! My speakers are rattling for all of the right reasons as it proceeds with its infectious vibe. Also, Gary's passion for his music is reflected in this piece. The song begins with an ascending synth lead, then it suddenly transitions into Gary's vocal prelude, and he gets to the crux of the narrative quickly. He speaks frankly about a relationship that has ended, feeling the wrath at the other person who is displaying no guilt or sadness.

The track is continuously developing, and it takes a step back with Gary leading the way with an isolated vocal delivery before diving deep with a massive refrain! The mix has plenty of electronic pop elements, but placing it in context with the vast majority of other tracks currently available in the scene isn't easy. It has the feel of a hybrid to be honest, with numerous influences audible in the production. Also, Gary deftly forges his own route forward with a style that will propel him to great heights in the business moving forward!

This new release from Gary Mictian is highly engaging, and I cannot wait to see what more he will come up with in the future!