REVIEW album Electric Sufi Breathe In Love (Single)

Togetherness Is The Way Say Electric Sufi On Breathe In Love

Breathe In Love (Single)

Electric Sufi

An interesting mix of club culture and world music flavours elevate this new release from Huddersfield’s Electric Sufi above much of what is out there.

At times reminiscent of early Leftfield but with a contemporary message of climate change issues and an overarching belief in the need for all of us to work together to solve humanity’s biggest issues, this is a record that wears its heart on its sleeve. Nothing wrong with that though, when presentation often rules over content in this day and age.

With a lyric sung by Sarah Yaseen of WOMAD faves Rafiki Jazz, the message coming across is quite simple but the mix of what seems like an African flute of some sort, along with Professor Chill’s club-dub production is a good introduction to this new UK outfit. There’s an album on the way too with a multitude of cultural influences tucked in there.

Worth a listen but keep your mind open… but then we all need to do that one, don’t we!