REVIEW album Ricki Erik Como Te Llamas (Single)

Ricki Erik Shines On 'Como Te Llamas'

Como Te Llamas (Single)

Ricki Erik

With the release of 'Como Te Llamas,' Ricki Erik strengthens his position as a prominent figure in the pop industry. The latest release from the American singer-songwriter can be found on his newest album, titled 'Genreality', which is available for listening right now.

So, 'Como Te Llamas', where do we begin? This song is barely two minutes and twenty-nine seconds long, but despite its brevity, it manages to pack a lot of punch musically and emotionally. The song opens with an overture that has a whirling synth loop that is played above an emotionally charged piano arrangement. It is quite easy to get lost in this overture. After that, a beat is added to the mix, and it comes in just before an important vocal performance from Ricki.

The atmosphere shifts noticeably from what came before it, with a latin flavour gradually taking control of the soundwaves as the verse begins. The significance of the song's name is not particularly clear to someone like myself who does not know Spanish. Yet, a speedy Google translation reveals that this song is all about discovering and getting to know somebody new.

Ricki is exploring the world of romance and relationships. It is clear that he is speaking openly about a significant person in his life, and his performance, which is filled with feeling, works in perfect harmony with the ardent instrumentation.

Great work, Ricki!