REVIEW album Ily Tbg Meet Me in London (Single)

Ily Tbg Stands Out With 'Meet Me In London'

Meet Me in London (Single)

Ily Tbg

Ily Tbg makes his triumphant return to the latin-pop scene with the release of his new single, 'Meet Me in London'. The UK-based singer-songwriter smashes it here, and it's the surge of positive energy that the world needs right about now.

Ily knocks it out of the park right away by combining a well-known style with a quality that is uniquely his own in the substance of his work. He plays to his abilities here, delivering a vocal performance that is hard to criticise in any way. An arpeggiated introduction, which has a sound texture that is not typical, is how he first gets our attention, and it's interesting. Then, a beat appears, bringing an additional layer of dimension to the stereo space; it works in perfect harmony with Ily, who also enters the mix with his strong vocal performance.

The song is all about recreating the sensation of coming face to face for the first time with a new person and the exhilaration that accompanies that. Ily is in awe of his new love; in essence, they rock his world, and his narrative is easy to relate to; this is particularly true as he approaches the refrain, in which he speaks about wanting to get to know the other more!

Musically, the track exists in a universe all its own while simultaneously sounding relevant to what is happening elsewhere in this genre at the moment. The structure, in addition to the numerous sounds that can be heard, keeps us wondering about what will come next. So much so, Ily has me completely under his control here, and he shines with flying colours!