REVIEW album Kingdumb The One (Single)

Kingdumb Drops New Banger, 'The One'

The One (Single)


The new singles 'The One' and 'Hero' by the British record producer Kingdumb demonstrate that he is the kind of artist who pours his whole being into what he does, as shown by the quality of his work. Kingdumb, who is talented both as a composer and a songwriter, immediately captures my attention by fusing his modern electronic techniques with a style that is familiar to those who are into electronic music.

The energy of 'The One' is escaping from it like water from a broken faucet. This song has a happy, upbeat vibe to it, and its main focus is on the process of falling in love and getting to know someone new. If you've ever had the experience of realising that your significant other is your soul mate, you'll find it easy to connect to the sentiments that Kingdumb expresses in his song 'The One'.

Despite the fact that it is, by definition, an electronic track, 'The One' does not remain completely contained within the confines of the genre. In addition to this, it incorporates aspects of the pop scene as well, and there is also a sly influence from Asian releases as well. It is a powerful combination that, despite only having three minutes of run time, manages to cram a lot into itself.

'Hero' is the b-side and it stands in stark contrast to 'The One'. Moreover, it sounds and feels more like an experimental track, with Kingdumb attempting something new, particularly in terms of the cadence.