REVIEW album Ceddyjay Heart Broken In England

Ceddyjay Got "Heart Broken In England"

Heart Broken In England


Overall, I found the EP to be a solid effort from Ceddyjay. The production quality is good and the beats are catchy and well-crafted. Ceddyjay's flow is also impressive, with a confident and emotive delivery that draws the listener in.

With this EP, Ceddyjay offers an emotional performance and isn't afraid to speak up about a rough period in his life when he moved to England for love but things didn't work out there.

One of the standout tracks on the EP is the first one; "Broken". Ceddyjay's lyrics are introspective and vulnerable, dealing with the raw emotions of heartbreak and the resilience it takes to move on.

Overall, I think "Heart Broken in England" is a strong showing from Ceddyjay, showcasing his skills as both a rapper and a lyricist. The EP is a solid addition to the rap scene, and I look forward to hearing more from Ceddyjay in the future.