REVIEW album Jaël Midlife

A Cohesive & Compelling Album That Showcases Jaël's Versatility



"Midlife" is an introspective and soulful album from Swiss musician Jaël. The album contains a blend of indie, folk, and acoustic elements, creating a unique and refreshing sound. The production is smooth and polished, with intricate beats and lush instrumentation that complement Jaël's warm and emotive vocals.

The album kicks off with the mellow "Anyone but us" which sets the tone for the rest of the project with its contemplative lyrics and instrumentation. All the tracks are a reflection of the artist's personal life journey. From the insight of not always having to be perfect as a working mother, to experiencing challenging situations or in the psychedelic song "Paralyzed" where Jaël tackles a sensitive topic that has been kept silent for far too long: sexual assault and the fear that comes with it, which often results in an inability to say "no" when needed, defend oneself, or flee from the situation.

Overall, Midlife is a cohesive and compelling album that showcases Jaël's versatility as a musician and her ability to create music that is both personal and enjoyable to listen to. If you're a fan of singer-songwriters, I highly recommend giving this album a listen.