REVIEW album Julia Thomsen Saranghae (Single)

Julia Thomsen Releases New Piece 'Saranghae'

Saranghae (Single)

Julia Thomsen

'Saranghae,' composed by Julia Thomsen, is without a doubt the piece of music best suited to convey the sense of peace that comes from spending time in the great outdoors.

Julia builds the foundation for beauty with this song, beginning with its angelic introduction and continuing all the way to the final piano note. It begins as it intends to continue with a magnificent piano overture that is quickly joined by a part including a synth and violin, both of which glide through the air while simultaneously transporting us further away from our immediate surroundings.

Julia, who is accomplished as a composer, contributes yet another piece to her impressive body of work here. The serene creativity that she possesses lulls the ears, and the multiple structural shifts that occur during the piece keep us on the edge of our seats, eager to hear what comes next. The final segment of the tune is a return to the beginning of the experience, with the piano playing in a manner that is reminiscent of how things got started.

Julia Thomsen is consistently putting out new work, and this is just one of many new gems which have caught my attention. Also, it appears that I am not the only one who's enamoured with her body of work; in recent years, the composer has amassed more than 5 million streams on Spotify.