REVIEW album Late Night Pharmacy Can't Sleep Without Paracetamol (Single)

Late Night Pharmacy Hit The Nail On The Head With 'Can't Sleep Without Paracetamol'!

Can't Sleep Without Paracetamol (Single)

Late Night Pharmacy

'Can't Sleep Without Paracetamol' is a tongue-in-cheek indie-rock tune that really does what it sets out to do from the beginning. The relatable lyricism describes a protagonist that could be a character from Danny Boyle's 'Trainspotting', or at least that period in his life that we can all relate to.

The Irish quartet Late Night Pharmacy have delivered another stellar tune to add to their already impressive amount of releases on Spotify. A busy period since Covid has seen the band gather momentum. I can see them breaking through in the UK soon enough, with the rough-and-ready energy they give off - like an early Arctic Monkeys.

They are releasing more music this year and I'm looking forward to seeing the songs live at some point in the near future.