REVIEW album Josiah Mann Grace

Josiah Mann's Debut Album 'Grace' Is A Heartwarming Love Story


Josiah Mann

Missouri-based singer/songwriter Josiah Mann's debut album 'Grace' takes listeners on a nostalgic journey of a young love story, complete with its ups and downs. The album, which took 15 years to make, is a concept album in the pop rock and acoustic rock genres, with a sound that is reminiscent of Snow Patrol and John Mayer.

From the loving and passionate "Angel" to the heart-wrenching "Rainy Day," Mann's vocals and piano work are the driving force behind the emotional journey of the protagonist. The lyrics are soulful and honest, capturing the excitement and passion of falling in love, the obstacles and struggles that come with it, and the pain of letting go when it's beyond repair.

What sets this album apart is the accompanying mini-film consisting of 10 music videos, each corresponding to a track on the album. The videos bring the album's narrative to life, showing the highs and lows of the relationship as well as the protagonist's emotional journey. Mann's artistic vision is fully realized through this visual medium, making the album a complete experience.

It's clear that Mann's goal with this album was not to become famous, but rather to express what is in his heart in the sincerest way possible. And he achieves just that with 'Grace.' His utter vulnerability and honest spirit is present throughout the album.

This album is a testament to the power of storytelling through music and the impact it can have on its listeners.