REVIEW album Raphael Klemm Electrical Khamsin (Single)

Raphael Klemm Releases Summer Track 'Electrical Khamsin'

Electrical Khamsin (Single)

Raphael Klemm

Raphael Klemm has been absent from the music scene for the past two years, but he is back with a brand new tune, 'Electrical Khamsin'. Even though it has been a while since he released his previous single, the wait has unquestionably been worthwhile given this new one. It is a track that is overflowing with energy, and there is no lack of enthusiasm as Raphael demonstrates his talent from the very beginning of the track.

The singer leads us into the summer with a feeling that will have you moving your hips in no time, thanks to his fusion of latin pop beats and a contemporary backdrop. Raphael holds nothing back in his pursuit to slake the thirst of anyone desiring the greatest in contemporary pop music with this single, which is the ideal antidote for anyone who is in need of an immediate surge of feel-good emotions. Raphael, who digs deep and rises to the top with treasure, delivers a fascinating vocal performance on this single. However, if you were to ask us what this track is about, I would not be able to tell you; however, when it makes me feel this happy, who cares?

The Spanish guitar is given its due attention on 'Electrical Khamsin', with the guitar tones guiding the way ahead at various moments during the tune. It shouldn't come as a surprise to hear this one being played out of beach bars come summertime.