REVIEW album Aguava Can We (Single)

Can We Take A Moment - This Is A Bop!

Can We (Single)


Just over a year on and I've still got this blasting in my headphones. Already having a massive year performing at some of the biggest festivals in the world, Allen, known mostly by his stage name Aguava, is an artist whose music I've loved for ages. Especially his song 'Can We'. Sitting quite happily on a playlist that you've stuck on while you're getting ready to go out, this unique house number is the perfect highlight of his catalog so far. It feels familiar yet entirely unique to me.

It's a healing track that was made in reaction to the crazy events that occurred in the summer 2020. It tells the stuck of Allen being stuck at home with his parents in quarantine at the time, and learned about the tragic death of George Floyd. He describes feeling powerless and hopeless about the world and the hatred that was dividing us as a species. He sat down that day to make something that would soothe the pain and anxiety he was feeling; a sort of plea to the world for love to triumph over hate. It represents what he loves about music as a whole; the ability to heal wounds and make tough times a little bit better. To me, it feels that a year on, things are in a bad place in the world again, and this song feels more relevant than ever.

It's a track that truly connects an artist with his fans, and I can't get enough of it.

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