REVIEW album Infinite Eights Consequence of Doubt (Single)

This Immediately Turned My Head!

Consequence of Doubt (Single)

Infinite Eights

All consequences and no doubt, Infinite Eights' leading song certainly turned my head and raised my eyebrows from the very first note. It's commanding a stadium and the band are still very much at the beginning of its career. Known for their highly energetic music and eccentric live performances, Infinite Eights need to do a world tour just so people can appreciate their talent more. This song informed me that they mean business and that the time for theorizing has passed. It's a call-to-action song and if anything, it's more valid now with the war in Ukraine. It's demanding and rapid and mainly about climate change but I think you can twist it to however you want to relate to it.

Musically, the track hears the group travel through realms of psychedelia, indie and synth-pop. Illustrating their versatility at all times, Infinite Eights feel like a guiding light amidst the darkness. Certainly for me anyway. Mixed by multi-Grammy nominated American producer, engineer and mixer Billy Bush (Garbage, The Naked and Famous, Neon Trees, Jake Bugg), the group are certainly in fine company with the new release. On an EP due out for release anytime now as far as I know, the music that followed this song is still impactable but its this number that I still find myself going back to two years later.

Gripping hold and never let go of your head - it's a proper earworm with layers of personality and character throughout. I want more, please! Thank you!