REVIEW album Lauren Waller Talking to Myself

'Talking To Myself' Is Lauren Waller's Fun New Album

Talking to Myself

Lauren Waller

Lauren Waller's debut album, 'Talking to Myself,' is 13 tracks that explores a range of sounds and emotions, from dark wave and synthpop to bubbly bedroom pop and up-beat dance tracks.

Waller's voice is distinctive and emotionally charged, and her storytelling is both introspective and theatrical.

The album's highlights include fan favorites like "Dopamine," a dark wave and synthpop track that showcases Waller's ability to create a haunting soundscape, and "Best Coast," an urban-inspired dance track with an infectious beat.

Waller also introduces new songs like "Green Eyed Jealousy," a catchy pop song with clever lyrics, and "Chapstick," an airy and lighthearted track that elevates Waller's versatility.

Her sound bridges the gap between 1980s dark wave and modern electro-textured indie pop while her style incorporates elements of singer-songwriter intimacy and modern pop, earning her comparisons to artists like Lorde, Regina Spektor, Sara Bareilles, and Ingrid Michaelson.

Talking to Myself is an impressive collection from Waller, revealing her skills as a songwriter and performer. Her ability to blend different genres and emotions creates a unique and refreshing sound that is sure to please fans of synthpop and electro pop. It's fun, exciting, and absolutely hypnotic.