REVIEW album Tom Rasmussen Body Building

Tom Rasmussen - Body Building

Body Building

Tom Rasmussen

The gender-nonconforming artist and queer activist Tom Rasmussen recently presented their debut album, Body Building, via Globe Town Records.

The album features fifteen tracks and I'm happy to confirm that it's wall-to-wall bangers. It's a smattering of pop and house, across a range of themes that go from camp celebration to eye-watering honesty.

While it might seem like just an upbeat house-pop album, the album delves into the struggles of gender non-conforming people and challenges societal preconceptions. Rasmussen aims to celebrate the diversity, beauty, and power of their community through the album.

The artist has also invited guest features from the trans community, including Travis Alabanza, Shon Faye, and Princess Julia, who provide moving declarations that celebrate radical self-acceptance and empowerment.

The album is a representation of Rasmussen’s decade of work exploring the (de)construction of an alter-ego and accessing the honesty and emotion of both the queer and human experience.