REVIEW album Guard Luvbomb (Single)

Indie-pop Artist Explores Trauma Bonds In New Single "Luvbomb"

Luvbomb (Single)


Guard's latest release, "Luvbomb" is a sultry bop that delves into the psychology behind relationship toxicity. The song explores the concept of love bombing, where one person showers another with affection and then dramatically takes it all away. Guard reveals that this manipulative tactic is often associated with narcissism and stems from deep insecurities based on trauma. Through the song, Guard examines his own behavior and how it can be perceived as love bombing, stemming from his own insecurity and fears.

The music video for "Luvbomb" takes the audience on a trippy visual journey that explores themes like disassociation, substance abuse, and alter egos. The mesmerizing visuals effectively convey the message of the song as Guard has chosen to explore the concept of being a villain in this project.

Overall, "Luvbomb" is a conceptual and unexpected pop music release that draws from personal experience. Guard aims to blur the lines between technology and humanity so that listeners are forced to remain aware of and continue to question society around them. The single is the first from his forthcoming album, "it was all a meme…" which is a love letter to his meme fans. Guard's approach of going with his first instinct on every song, without any rewrites, adds to the authenticity and rawness of the single. "Luvbomb" showcases Guard's growth as an artist and highlights his willingness to explore challenging themes through his music.