REVIEW album Low Tide Levee Land of the Lotus Eaters

Low Tide Levee's Psychedelic Funk Rock 'Land Of The Lotus Eaters' Is A Must Listen

Land of the Lotus Eaters

Low Tide Levee

Low Tide Levee's debut album, Land of the Lotus Eaters, is a journey into the realm of psychedelic funk rock. With band leader, vocalist, and head songwriter Amy Brookes as the primary creative force, the band brings a fresh take on the genre, blending heavy, blues-based riff rock with stanky funk and sprawling psychedelia.

The album features previously released tracks "Nautilus," "Dang Diggy," and "Rules of the Game," which showcase the band's ability to deliver catchy, groovy tunes that stick in your head long after the music has stopped. The opening track, "DYBASA," sets the tone with its Pink Floyd-esque experimentation and 60s rock sound, showcasing Amy's understated, bluesy vocals, burly blues-rock riffage, and mind-melting psychedelic-shred lead guitar.

Low Tide Levee's music is not just about the groove, however. The lyrics are mystical, irreverent, and enlightening, all at the same time, making for an engaging and transformative experience. Through themes of personal trials and empowerment, the band inspires listeners to connect with their own sense of being alive, human, and in the here and now.

Land of the Lotus Eaters is a promising debut album from a band of seasoned musicians who are keeping the flame of humanity and human expression in music alive. With their freewheeling approach and ability to balance darkness with life force, Low Tide Levee is a band to watch in the world of psychedelic funk rock.