REVIEW album CHANDRA Lighters To The Sky (Single)

Indie-rocker Chandra Returned With "Lighters To The Sky"

Lighters To The Sky (Single)


Chandra's new single 'Lighters To The Sky' is a vibrant and inspiring indie-rock anthem that encourages listeners to pursue their dreams and support those around them. With its guitar-fuelled sound and sing-along chorus, the track is an uplifting reminder that a positive word or gesture can go a long way in helping others achieve their goals.

The song's message is particularly timely in a world where negativity and criticism can often outweigh support and encouragement. Chandra's personal experience shines through in the lyrics, as he urges listeners to be true to themselves and push through the inevitable obstacles that come with chasing a dream.

The accompanying music video is a perfect complement to the song's message, showcasing people of all ages and backgrounds pursuing their passions, whether it be dance, fitness, or simply being a better parent. The video is a powerful reminder that greatness can come in all forms and that we should celebrate and support each other's individual journeys.

Overall, Chandra's 'Lighters To The Sky' is a catchy and uplifting track that will leave listeners feeling inspired and motivated. With its infectious energy and positive message, it's the perfect soundtrack for anyone on a journey toward their dreams.