REVIEW album Jonathan Roy Back To The Moon (Single)

Exploring Cosmic Depths: Jonathan Roy's Captivating 'Back To The Moon'

Back To The Moon (Single)

Jonathan Roy

"Back To The Moon" is a dreamy, mid-tempo track that combines elements of pop and acoustic music. The song's instrumentation is built around a catchy guitar riff that is complemented by pop vibes. Jonathan Roy's vocals are expressive and emotive, conveying a sense of longing and introspection that fits the song's theme of self-discovery.

Lyrically, "Back To The Moon" is an exploration of one's inner self and the desire to escape from reality.
The song's chorus,
"So if you need me you better come soon
Cause I'm leaving back to the moon
Its like every time is the very first time
Excuse me while I loose my mind
Cause I'm leaving back to the Moon"
reflects the idea of leaving reality and going on an interstellar trip. The verses are introspective, with Jonathan Roy reflecting on his past experiences and the lessons he's learned along the way.

Overall, "Back To The Moon" is a well-crafted song that showcases Jonathan Roy's musical and songwriting abilities. The song's dreamy, otherworldly atmosphere and well-thought lyrics make it a great song to listen to escape reality.