REVIEW album Erika Olson This is How I Pray

The Debut 'This Is How I Pray' From Singer/Songwriter Erika Olson Isn't One To Miss

This is How I Pray

Erika Olson

Erika Olson's debut album, 'This is How I Pray,' is a remarkable journey through contemporary folk music that seamlessly blends traditional elements with a fresh and innovative approach. With a voice that exudes the raw power of Brandi Carlile and the soulful depth of Tracy Chapman, combined with a songwriting style reminiscent of the likes of John Prine and Joni Mitchell, she establishes herself as a rising musical force.

'This is How I Pray' is a reflection of the struggle to reclaim agency and find one's own path after a life dictated by societal expectations. Each song delves into the profound themes of self-discovery and personal autonomy. Erika fearlessly explores what it means to trust one's own intuition, follow one's heart, and resist the pressures of conformity.

The album opens with "Mom Life," a track that immediately captivates with its infectious melody and relatable message that extends beyond the realm of motherhood.

From there, she takes listeners on a through a range of emotions and experiences. She delves into the challenges of motherhood in the country-inspired "I Don't Feel Like Fighting" and the folksy "Mamma Ain't Got No Time." In the indie folk ballad "As I Am," she explores the complexities of mature love, while the acoustic ballad "Wreckage" delves into the depths of heartbreak. Notably, she confronts institutional racism with haunting sincerity in the acoustic gem "Benefit of the Doubt."

The album's title track, "This is How I Pray," serves as a poignant highlight. Inspired by the events of 2020, Olson marvels at the resilience of nature amidst a halted world. As she witnesses the rebirth of the natural world, she finds a spiritual connection that transcends the confines of organized religion. With this song, she pays homage to her parents, her faith, and the profound gifts of the natural world.

'This is How I Pray' stands as a testament to Erika Olson's artistic vision and a debut that feels anything but inexperienced. Her fusion of traditional folk elements with contemporary sensibilities results in a timeless and relevant sound. Throughout the album, Erika displays a veteran-like confidence in her craft, leaving no doubt that she is on a mission and just getting started.

'This is How I Pray' is a captivating and introspective musical offering that announces her arrival as a formidable talent in the music scene. With its rich storytelling, thought-provoking themes, and impeccable musicianship, this debut album establishes her as an artist to watch.