Grunge-Pop Band STARRY EYES Debut EP 'Ciao Bella'

Ciao Bella


LA grunge-pop band ‘STARRY EYES’ release their debut album ‘Ciao Bella’, the EP follows the successful release of their previous two singles ‘Jetlag’ and ‘Over Oceans’.

Throughout the 5 track EP, ‘Ciao Bella’ (Hello Beautiful/Goodbye) sees the band explore themes of addiction and loss. With one eye focused on the future and another acknowledging the past, STARRY EYES looks to balance the negative with the positive throughout the EP.

‘Ciao Bella’ opens with the band’s debut single ‘Jetlag’ an anthemic offering that lures the listener in with its sugary hooks and power chords while behind the songs sunny disposition lies a satirical commentary of ‘be careful what you wish for’ under the backdrop of the Californian dream. ‘Kickin’ Up The Dust’ follows, a dynamic track that infuses elements of foot-stomping blues sections and jangly indie-rock sensibilities. ‘Over Oceans’ the sophomore release utilises a sombre tone, the band crafts a delicate soundscape of bright guitar arrangements mixed with tranquil vocal harmonies that warn of the fragility of life. The final two tracks are ‘No Show’ and ’Crush’, with ‘No Show’ featuring dreamy vocals juxtaposed by the nightmarish lyrical content about Kyle’s turbulent relationship with his father, depicting a flashpoint of his father’s drug abuse one Christmas that lead to the end of their relationship for nearly a decade. ‘Crush’ outlines the next chapter of Kyle’s relationship with his father outlining the experiences of attempting to put him through rehab, backed behind a more notable punk and emo backdrop.

The culmination of heartache, loss and rejuvenation, ‘Ciao Bella’ is a catharsis release, not just for the band but for anyone going through similar struggles.