REVIEW album Thomas Cole Up In Smoke (Single)

Thomas Cole Releases 'Up In Smoke' With Video Featuring Rudy Bundini

Up In Smoke (Single)

Thomas Cole

Thomas Cole, the charismatic party starter and pop sensation from New York, takes the center stage with his latest single, 'Up In Smoke'. Teaming up with highly-acclaimed producer Electropoint, the duo unleashes a captivating track that combines infectious techniques with a message that lingers long after the beats fade away. Set in a New York nightclub, the accompanying video, featuring the talented Rudy Bundini, brilliantly encapsulates the song's essence.

'Up In Smoke' is a dance club filler that instantly takes all to a realm where nothing but feel-good vibes reign supreme. Cole's smooth vocals glide effortlessly over the energetic electronic beats crafted by Electropoint, creating a musical experience that is both exhilarating and captivating. Also, the addictive nature of the track makes it an instant hit and leaves a lasting impact.

While the song may entice you to lose yourself in the moment, its lyrics carry a deeper meaning. Cole's powerful message urges us to resist our temptations and make wise choices, as succumbing to our desires can have dire consequences. Through introspective lines like "My good intentions up in smoke, not gonna lose control," he reminds us of the importance of staying grounded and making responsible decisions.

The video for 'Up In Smoke' serves as a perfect visual representation of the song's narrative. Set in a pulsating nightclub in the heart of New York, the ambiance and energy mirror the track's vibrant tone. Rudy Bundini's presence adds a touch of charisma and intrigue, further enhancing the video's allure.

Overall, 'Up In Smoke' is a pop sensation that combines infectious beats with thoughtful lyrics, making it a standout track in today's music scene. With his collaboration with Electropoint and the captivating video featuring Rudy Bundini, Cole showcases his artistic prowess and ability to deliver a well-rounded experience. This single not only gets the party started but also prompts introspection.