REVIEW album Les Lullies Mauvaise Foi

Franetic French Rockers LES LULLIES Release “Mauvaise Foi”

Mauvaise Foi

Les Lullies

France’s high-voltage rock ‘n’ rollers Les Lullies have just released their hotly anticipated new LP Mauvaise Foi on Slovenly Recordings International.

Their new album stands out from their previous releases by reaching a new level of quality. Fans will also notice that the band now sings primarily in French. Mauvaise Foi (a resolutely French title for the 2nd Lullies LP - meaning “bad faith” in English) reflects the band’s decision to sing in their native language. The result is streamlined vocals on searing rock'n'roll tracks which highlights more personal and fleshed out material.

Dabbling in influences from Normandy (Fixed Up, Dogs, Sub Kids and all), and referencing influences like The Records, The Real Kids and Phil Spector, listeners will rejoice as the band sways from glam-rock anthems to power-pop numbers and back to classic garage-punk bangers thrown in for good measure.