REVIEW album James Millier What If This Heart Is Empty (Single)

Smooth Adult Contemporary Pop From Singer-Songwriter James Millier

What If This Heart Is Empty (Single)

James Millier

The latest offering from British talent James Millier is sure to sweep you away with its heart-felt lyrics delivered in Millier's signature voice. New single 'What If This Heart Is Empty?' is the perfect sad summer anthem.

Millier's tone is easy to listen to yet powerful enough to truly hit you. Lyrics are delivered in an evocative way that is sure to impact many listeners.

James Millier has accompanied his single with a truly beautiful video that suits the overall vibe of the single so well. Featuring James in scenic landscapes from nature, rocking his signature headphones, the video is up-close and personal. An artist who never fails to deliver meaningful themes within his music, this latest song is about a lost love... a theme personal to James, calling upon the experience in his own life of knowing someone affected by just this. After the passing of a relative, James couldn't help but write something in the aftermath of a husband left struggling to come to terms with their loss.

James Millier is truly an artist for everyone - young and old alike are sure to find something that resonates. Make sure to check out the song and video for yourself.