REVIEW album Eimhin The Lough (Single)

Irish Artist Eimhin Release New Single 'The Lough'

The Lough (Single)


Ahead of his tour of Europe, Australian-based Irish artist Eimhin has released new single 'The Lough'.

The song starts off with a brooding energy that sucks you in right away. Immediately, we discover the story behind the song which is about the artist's mourning over the passing of a family member.
Eimhin's deals with his emotions throughout as we become wrapped in a world of melodic backing vocals and rolling drum sounds.

The words 'You give us bright futures from the saddest beginnings' rings around in your mind long after you finish listening, and the line 'Live on and do all things the same' is an instant classic. I'm excited to see what's next for Eimhin!