REVIEW album Jibbernaut and Phuture Memoriez Coulrophobia

Vancouver Synthpunks Jibbernaut & Phuture Memoriez Release Collaboration EP "Coulrophobia"

Vancouver record label Nerve Wracking Collections has just released their latest EP Coulrophobia, a collaborative concept project that includes Vancouver synthpunk bands, Phuture Memoriez and Jibbernaut. The concept involved choosing a theme and releasing a 4 song split EP with another band. This was an opportunity for NWC to expand and have many artists join their collective. Coulrophobia is the first split EP release derived from this project which revolves around the fear of clowns. The guidelines were kept simple so that each band could make their songs their own. They involved creating two new songs that followed the lyrical theme and a desire to release the EP along with a co-headline live show. Phuture Memoriez is a dark synth-pop-punk band from Vancouver BC and is composed of Marc Blaquiere and Jessica Blaquiere, while Jibbernaut consists of local punks “Gears” and “Hammer”. The songs on the EP are short, fast, visceral blasts that are rooted in early punk and hardcore and have elements of Kraut rock and foundational industrial music. Each track is an explosion, an expression of internal turmoil and angst against discordant hooks and symphonic feedback.

Phuture Memoriez evolved from their past project Jerk in the Can. They have released two albums with a third coming in fall 2023, all of which are concept albums. The first album was inspired by Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, the second album highlighted the concept of death and dying, and the third is inspired by John Zorn’s musical improvisation system Cobra. Both bands think of their projects as full multimedia experiences. Their music comes first and foremost, but their visual elements are nearly just as important, using lights and video projects to tie the experience and mood to the music. Phuture Memoriez’ music videos (many of them stop-motion animation) have been featured in numerous film festivals, including a gauntlet round with Spike and Mike at San Diego Comic Con. They are known for shooting guerilla style music videos and getting immersed with the public and crowds.