REVIEW album Quinny Rumours (Live Session at old Hairdressers)

Quinn Revisits A Classic With A Raw And Electric Live Session Of 'Rumours'

Rumours (Live Session at old Hairdressers)


Quinny's latest release, "Rumours – Live Session," takes us back to the beloved Brit-Era Indie sound that many have been missing. Recorded at Old Hairdressers in Glasgow, this single captures Quinny's talents as an endlessly relatable singer-songwriter, showcasing his rapid guitar stabs and lightning-fast drum fills.

The lyrics of "Rumours" touch on pop-punk sensibilities, infusing the track with a raw and powerfully vulnerable quality. Quinny's ability to convey emotion through his music is commendable, making this song resonate with listeners on a deep level.

As the latest addition to Quinny's impressive musical career, "Rumours – Live Session" demonstrates his growth and versatility as an independent artist. With past achievements like touring the USA and collaborating with British acting legend Richard Wilson for his holiday music video, Quinny continues to make waves in the industry. Additionally, his involvement in the comedy rap project Jimmy Lit, alongside the upcoming release of their first album, adds even more excitement to his artistic endeavors.

Beyond his musical achievements, Quinny has also dedicated himself to bringing music to his communities. From running music groups with adults with disabilities to organizing a youth music night in his hometown, he has made a positive impact. Notably, the music night he initiated became a platform for emerging talents like Lewis Capaldi and Yungblud's guitarist, as well as the birthplace of the group Vegan Leather.

Quinny's contributions extend beyond his own music, as he has played a crucial role in fostering opportunities for rising stars. Working at Camden's Roundhouse, he helped shape the artistic development of artists such as Little Simz, Freya Ridings, and Skinny Pelembe. Collaborating with acclaimed musicians like Jamie Cullum, Dan Gillespie Sells, Trevor Horn, John Parish, and Jane Weaver on creative projects for young people further showcases his commitment to nurturing talent.

"Rumours" serves as a prelude to Quinny's upcoming EP, titled 'Settlers,' slated for release later this year. With its catchy melodies, energetic performance, and Quinny's genuine artistry, this single is a must-listen for fans of indie rock and those seeking a taste of Brit-Era Indie nostalgia.

Experience "Rumours – Live Session" on all major streaming platforms now and prepare to embark on a musical journey with Quinny as he continues to captivate audiences with his unique sound and unwavering passion for his craft.