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Von Venn Release New Album 'Jeanie Is Out'

Jeanie Is Out

Von Venn

'Jeanie Is Out,' the highly anticipated new album from Dublin, Irish indie band Von Venn, has finally arrived, marking the group's triumphant return to the music scene. This album stands out with its memorable songs and distinctive indie sound, offering a complete and immersive experience across its ten tracks.

The album features the already released popular singles "Ghost" and "Constant Girl," which have been building anticipation over the last year. Seamlessly blending into the mix is the new addition, "In Time," a captivating new track that immediately grabs one's attention with its stimulating and unique vibe. Von Venn fearlessly explores uncharted musical territory with this song, delivering an auditory delight that stimulates and captivates the mind.

'Jeanie Is Out' is an album that weaves stories of life, love, and personal experiences into one cohesive whole. The heart and soul of the record lie in Gary Cox's powerful vocals, which authentically convey raw emotion and intensity from the get-go. His performance enhances the rich musical world that Von Venn has already established, creating an even more profound impact.

One of the album's notable strengths is its ability to showcase various sounds and styles. Von Venn demonstrates remarkable adaptability as a band, skilfully blending multiple musical elements. So much so, the record presents a diverse musical palette that caters to various tastes, from infectious indie-pop melodies to poignant ballads. This versatility ensures that each song stands independently, offering excitement and enjoyment for every listener.

So, whether you're already a fan or just discovering their music, 'Jeanie Is Out' is an absolute must-listen for anyone craving new music with a nostalgic twist. It is fresh, inviting, and creates an immediate impact upon first listen! The album is available to stream now on all major platforms, including Spotify, Apple, and Amazon.