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Blood Omen

The Raven Age

The Raven Age is guitarist George Harris (son of Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris, badass musicianship clearly runs in the family) guitarist Tommy Gentry, bassist Matt Cox, drummer Jai Patel, and singer Matt “MJ” James.

It's been four years since they released their last album, but “Blood Omen” is more than worth the wait. The Raven Age challenged themselves and broke new ground. Their fresh approach is evident right from the first track and throughout.

“Changing of the Guard” opens the album with haunting melody. Next up, they quickly unleash their wrath on “Parasite” with fast and furious guitar riffs, and raw energy, it’s made for power-metal lovers.

Their classic metal roots are apparent in “Serpents Tongue” where they display their signature melody infused hard leaning rock. The vocals are outstanding, showing powerful range and the ability to deliver depth and character.

“Essence of Time” is filled with screaming guitar riffs and “Nostradamus” is raw with roaring vocals and unforgiving guitars While “Forgive & Forget” roars with power and energy. The album ends with “War in Heaven” another powerful track, with soaring guitar work. In fact, the musicianship throughout Blood Omen is outstanding.
Blood Omen dominates and commands the attention it deserves. It’s a first-rate album and shows just how much the band has evolved into a unit to be reckoned with.

Blood Omen Follows the theme of its two predecessors, Conspiracy (2019) and their debut, Darkness Will Rise (2017). The Raven Age has garnered critical acclaim around the world with a Billboard Top 40 hit and over 75 million streams worldwide. They have also performed over 400 shows in 38 countries. This summer they will be touring arenas with Iron Maiden and will be performing at a number of major European festivals including Germany’s Rock am Ring, Belgium’s Graspop Metal Meeting, Return Of The Gods Festival in Italy as well as Metal Days in Slovenia.

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