REVIEW album King Isa My Kids (Single)

King Iso Delivers An Emotion Tribute With "My Kids"

My Kids (Single)

King Isa

"My Kids" by King Iso is an emotional anthem to his kids and their importance in his life.

On the track, a guitar loop threads through an airy beat as Iso reflects on what matters the most in his life—his children. He vividly recounts conversations with Tech N9ne and X-Raided as well as memories on the road. Meanwhile, he makes a promise on the undeniable and unshakable refrain, “But I will never let up every day I gotta get up and I do it for my kids.” His impressive signature triplet flow bursts straight from the heart on this one.

In the first verse, Iso discusses the stress and sleepless nights that come with being a parent. He also touches on the feeling of rejection when he perceives that his oldest son doesn’t want to be around him. Despite these challenges, he finds motivation in his children and continues to push forward for them.

The chorus emphasizes his commitment to his children, stating that he will never let anyone hurt them and that he will do anything for them.

He also addresses the need for the black community to come together to protect their children. He implores his fellow men to stay healthy and alive so they can continue to nurture and protect their kids.

"My Kids" is a heartfelt and honest tribute to the power of family and the challenges that come with being a parent.

Iso emphasizes the importance of love and sacrifice in raising children, and the motivation that it provides to overcome life's difficulties.

It lands in the wake of his song “Step Daddy.” The latter has already generated 88.5K Spotify streams and 81K YouTube views on the music video. It continues to gain steam though buoyed by fan enthusiasm, reaction videos, and excitement.