REVIEW album Bad Mary Trash & Glamour

Bad Mary Delivers Another Candy-Coated Punch To The Gut

Trash & Glamour

Bad Mary

The band’s signature style shines through each of the tracks on their new EP “Trash and Glamour”. It’s a powerful declaration of their unapologetic punk rock sound and an affirmation of their musical journey thus far. It’s a surgery-sweet punch to the gut. Bad Mary makes you want to pump your fist and shake your ass.

The EP opens with “Vibe-icide”, and it sets the tone with its hard punk edge sound. The song stands out with gritty guitars and a groovy bassline.

Followed by the power of glam and punk rock in "It's All Trash," This catchy track features a clever message of media corruption and defiance against a crumbling society while finding acceptance and maybe even beauty in the "trash" all around us.

“The Floor Is Lava” exudes a great vibe with its catchy beat and infectious sing-along melody. The song stands out for its nonsensical nature, which is reminiscent of classic punk songs that make you want to jump around and dance like a maniac.

“Light It Up” serves as a love letter to rock and roll and the exhilaration of being on stage. It captures the essence of the band’s passion, energy, and rock and roll spirit, celebrating the raw power and excitement of the genre.

A song that everyone can relate to… “I Just Called To Say Fuck You” is a rocker with a wallop of a chorus.

The final track on the album, “Are You With The Band?” has a great high-energy rock n roll vibe.

This EP solidifies Bad Mary’s place in rock n roll, they have earned their spot with their unique flavor and primal energy. If Blonde’s Debbie Harry and Joan Jett had a spawn it would be Bad Mary singer Amanda Mac, whose sassy do no harm but take no shit charisma shines through while the rest of the band’s stellar musicianship takes their party to another level.

They deliver snappy guitar riffs, irresistible hooks, and punked-out percussion. Keep an eye on them… Bad Mary is proving that they are a force to be reckoned with.