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Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Explosive and epic. Progressive and exciting. Soulful and dynamic. Welcome to the world of Futureages...

SUBBA-CULTCHA SAYS: “Blessed with a voice as gargantuan as the erstwhile-Basement Jaxx/Bellrays vocalist Lisa Kekaula, but possessing the potent shriek of Beth Ditto (Gossip), Futureages are a very promising prospect indeed! The music has a dark and dynamic core that propels those riffs and build-ups into something more epic than the bare bones alone would; it’s equally part-Mars Volta, part-Glassjaw (latter day) all delivered with a soulful edge and a feeling of danger within those melodies, like somebodies about to enact a massive revenge plot on all your houses. With Yoko Ono, John Kennedy (XFM) & Scroobius Pip as fans, these guys will go far! Check at the bottom of this article to sample their music, and keep an eye out for our forthcoming interview with the band!!!”
future 2013 was an exciting and productive year for FUTUREAGES. Expect a creative explosion of noise and commanding melody on this second instalment from the group. FUTUREAGES bring us a direct, more established follow up to the 001 E.P. Advancing on from their popular tracks like 'Africa' and 'Under Orders' from their debut 001 E.P, the band have created a more in depth, layered spectacle of what FUTUREAGES have to offer. This 5 track e.p was recorded at the main haunt for the band, Big Noise Studio, in Rochford, Essex. 002 E.P is set to be released on 10th February 2014. It will be available to download from Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon and various other sites.  
Click here to sample track “Courage Of A Coward”