HU$H'S Skunkworks Is As Chaotic As It Is Catchy!



While navigating the realms of metal, punk, rap, and electronic music with his Strange Music debut LP, “SKUNKWORKS,” HU&H is proving to be a very unique artist. Taking multi-tasking to a whole other level HU$H takes on the roles of producer, instrumentalist, and vocalist on every track.

His genre-hopping nature shines as he draws inspiration from a diverse group of peers while adding his own chaotic flavors, rebellious spirit, and boundary-pushing prowess. He is firmly establishing himself as an artist with a multitude of sounds that are unmistakably his own.

Catchy powerful guitar riffs, hard-hitting beats, and infectious energy. HU$H shares his ability to fuse the aggression of metal, the rawness of punk, and the lyricism of rap while creating a sonic tapestry that defies conventions. Each track on “SKUNKWORKS” rides like an auditory roller-coaster. While HU$H explores different sounds and styles his distinctive vocal howl travels throughout each track delivering raw intensity and an emotional charge.

He caught the attention of Strange Music with his shapeshifting style, inking a deal with the label in 2021. For the first order of business, he teamed up with the multiplatinum-selling rapper Tech N9ne on the Blight EP. The EP’s standout “Let Lost Happen” surpassed 2 million-plus Spotify streams and 713K YouTube views on the video.

With a clear desire to break boundaries, Skunkworks is as chaotic as it is catchy. There is an abundance of great tracks on this album, no filler, just a ton of great music here to broaden your horizons. A bit of something for everyone.