REVIEW album Masseduction Blame (Single)

Masseduction Unveils A Musical Journey Through Emotions And Dreams With "Blame"

Blame (Single)


If you're on the lookout for fresh indie-rock music that's brimming with emotional intensity and polished production, look no further than Masseduction's latest single, "Blame." This talented Italian band, formed during the early days of the pandemic, is ready to make their mark in the rock scene with this powerful new release.

Masseduction's journey began in early 2021 when the band's members, Giordano Giacchetti, Salvatore Dragone, and Lorenzo Galante, came together through a Facebook group for local musicians. The pandemic may have limited live performances, but it also provided the perfect environment for the trio to focus on creating music together.

"Blame" serves as a potent expression of emotions, offering a therapeutic release to process feelings of anger and disillusionment that people commonly encounter. Lead vocalist Giordano Giacchetti elucidates that the song explores themes of self-deception and the frustration arising from disappointment caused by those close to us. This sentiment resonates with many, as the band's candid and sincere lyrics strike a chord with the audience.

The music video for "Blame" made by director Chale Steeno is the perfect addition to the song. Drawing inspiration from acclaimed filmmakers such as Lynch, Nolan, Aronofsky, and Cronenberg, the dreamlike video incorporates distorted and blurred visuals, perfectly complementing the track's emotional intensity.