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Stop What You're Doing, Listen To Eureka Machines' 'Brain Waves'

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Eureka Machines brings their latest offering to the table and we’d advise that you stop what you’re doing and give ‘Brain Waves’ a listen.

Following the success of their third album, ‘Remain in Hope’, the foursome from Leeds - who formed in 2009 - have returned to the pop-rock world with a cleverly written album that’s alive with enthusiasm and oozes charisma

With the album touching on a variety of mental health issues - which may seem a little heavy, but are aptly made up for by melodic song structures - the band have decided to donate 10% of profits to MIND, the mental health charity and have raised over £3 500 so far.

Kicking the album off - completely crowdfunded by the way - is ‘Paranoia’. A surprisingly straightforward song, considering how catchy it is. The stop-start introduction of the song make your ears perk up before it gives way to a tornado of drums, guitars and what even sounds like a keyboard in the chorus.

Chris Catalyst (also of The Sisters of Mercy) obviously knows how to write very effectively. He communicates strong ideas in both short bursts and melodic nonchalance. No matter the deliverance of the lyrics, they are complex and simple all at once; verging on poetic at times.

Which brings us to “Sleep Deprivation”, a track focused on insomnia. Not only does it feature impressive riffs, the song has great tempo and one of my favourite lyrics from the album: “Dead on feet by afternoon/Brain bombs like a burst balloon”.

“Welcome to my Shangri-La”, a punchy, little number with a cracking opening riff and killer breakdown greets you just past the midway point of the album. This track perfectly encompasses the energy throughout the album.

All in all, the album’s a good listen. You may love it, you may compare it to ‘Remain in Hope’ and feel it falls short, you may kick start your mornings with tracks like “Television” or dance around to “Human”. Either way, you can’t deny yourself that tap of the foot or drumming of the fingers when you listen to this high-voltage collection.

Eureka Machines’ schedule will see them touring the UK throughout May, playing Camden Rocks on the 30th.

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Words by Renette van der Merwe