REVIEW album MONA Dead is Nothing (Single)

MONA's Anthemic Resurgence 'Nothing Is Dead'

Dead is Nothing (Single)


"Nothing is Dead" by MONA delivers a powerful and anthemic experience that showcases the raw and raucous nature of the artist's post-indie rock and roll approach.

The song's concept, as described by Nick Brown (aka MONA), addresses the cyclical nature of life, touching upon themes of ups and downs, birth, death, rebirth, ego versus humility, true desire versus lonely obsession, and healthy competition versus rotten jealousy. The lyrical depth and exploration of dualism add substance to the track, allowing listeners to interpret the song on various levels, making it a thought-provoking experience.

The emotional journey that Nick Brown experienced during the pandemic and the personal loss of his mother adds a layer of authenticity and vulnerability to the song. It's evident that these experiences influenced the creation of "Nothing is Dead" and listeners can resonate with the artist's journey through the music.

The song's production and musical execution deserve praise, as it effectively carries the raw energy and rebellious spirit that MONA is known for. The artist's distinctive style shines through, and it's evident that he continues to evolve while staying true to his post-indie roots.