REVIEW album MC Hammersmith G.I. Joe (Single)

World's Leading Freestyle Rapper MC Hammersmith Releases Debut Single "G.I. Joe"

G.I. Joe (Single)

MC Hammersmith

MC Hammersmith's debut single, "G.I. Joe", showcases his unique blend of freestyle rap and comedy, making it an enjoyable and refreshing addition to the music scene. With over 100 million views on social media, MC Hammersmith has already established himself as a YouTube sensation, and this single further solidifies his position.

What sets "G.I. Joe" apart is MC Hammersmith's approach to writing the track. Unlike his usual comedic raps with punchlines, he prioritizes flow over punchlines in this song. The result is a continuous, organic flow of bars that exude a sense of liberation. The opening bars, "No pretention of realness, no premises or no limits, no thought or justification, just bars for three minutes," perfectly encapsulate this lack of pretense and genuine freestyle spirit.

The comedian's background gives another dimension to his performance and comedic style. Growing up with mixed race heritage and attending a middle-class private school in Hammersmith provided him with a unique framing device for drawing comedy from his hip-hop performances. His Linguistics expertise from studying at the University of Edinburgh further enriches his freestyle raps, showcasing a seamless combination of academic knowledge and love for hip-hop.

Moreover, his OCD, particularly related to obsessive thoughts, led to a beneficial obsession with rhyming. This has contributed to his impressive ability to improvise 100% of his rap lyrics at lightning speed. His personal rhyming dictionary, with over 15,000 words memorized, is a testament to his dedication to the craft.

Outside of music, MC Hammersmith's improv training and comedic talent shine through in various performances, including shows at major comedy festivals and clubs across the UK. His involvement in the acclaimed YouTube web series 'Epic Rap Battles of History' highlights his versatility as a writer and performer.