REVIEW album ARMAN Undercover (Single)

Arman "ARMAN" Karégar - Undercover

Undercover (Single)


Arman Karégar made a name for himself during the 2010s with millions of streams, tens of thousands of followers, and sold-out shows. He achieved this by adopting various artist names, a practice more common in the EDM scene, with his latest persona being ARMAN. Despite not releasing any music since February 2021, Arman Karégar is finally making an official statement, declaring complete dedication to his startup, blankt. In light of this, we’re revisiting ARMAN’s last released song "Undercover".

The song's opening lines, "Pretty perfect tied up in a bow, while a war is raging on behind the smoke," immediately set the tone for a narrative that exposes the stark contrast between surface appearances and the underlying turmoil that exists. Throughout the verses, Arman Karégar skillfully weaves a tale of societal numbness, where people seem to be detached from the ongoing struggles and violence.

The chorus of "Undercover" serves as a powerful reflection of the main theme. Arman Karégar portrays the persona as someone who's putting on a brave front, concealing their true emotions and experiences behind a facade of strength. The struggle to hide pain and vulnerability is expertly conveyed through the lyrics, "Acting so tough, but I've been messed up, undercover, and it's taking its toll." This emotional depth allows listeners to connect on a personal level, empathizing with the internal turmoil many people face.

The melancholic instrumental arrangement complements the song's mood perfectly. A unique, soothing guitar riff, together with an acoustic bass guitar and snapping fingers to keep the rhythm, evokes the feeling of sitting in a jazz club - adding to the emotional weight of the lyrics. Far from anything else in EDM, Arman Karégar showcased his creativity and artistic depth - for one last time.