REVIEW album Open Water Above The Waterline

Open Water's 'Above The Waterline': An Enchanting Journey Open Water's Latest Album

Above The Waterline

Open Water

Open Water's 'Above The Waterline': An Enchanting Journey Open Water's latest album takes listeners on an incredible celestial discovery.

Their compelling combination of Celtic folks, jazz and bluegrass forms the perfect blend of soundscapes that will both captivate and comfort. 'Waiting for the Daylight' holds a particular note of intrigue - the combination of Jeff's counterpoint guitar and Richard's blues lead provide a captivating harmony.

Though the album wasn't without its obstacles, the band's fortitude and genuine passion shone through in every track. Creating an oasis away from the chaotic times of 2021, this masterpiece gives us all something special to revel in. The intricate details and effort that went into it brought us a hope-filled respite - and there's certainly more to come!

Building a timeless classic of hope and comfort, Open Water have achieved a harmonious union of Celtic instruments, swaying lyrics and jazz-infused solos. Above The Waterline holds the fortitude to ground us; the power to raise our collective spirit, and the charm to inspire us - leaving no stone unturned by this talented band.